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How to contact avast customer service?

If you face any problems with avast, the first thing you turn to is avast customer support. So, in this article, we are going to be looking at some information about avast customer support.

If you are someone that doesn’t know how to contact avast customer support, here are the steps to do so. Avast customer support takes about 2 businesses to respond to a query, but the time is taken to respond to changes with the support workload, category of the problem, and many more things. You can follow the below steps to contact avast customer care. 

avast customer service
  • The first thing you need to do is go to the avast support web form. 
  • Select the type of your query and then click on the NEXT option. 
  • After selecting your query, provide the information necessary and also provide a bit of additional information. If you don’t have any idea what information you should provide, then just Google it. 
  • Along with that attach a file related to the query. 
  • All that’s left to do is submit your request. 
  • When you are done with all of the above steps, you’ll get a confirmation through email. 
  • After that, the avast customer support will contact you through email only.

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Ways to contact Avast Customer Service

The above information was on how to contact avast through a web form but if you are willing to contact the avast customer support expert through call, you can easily do so by calling the toll-free number 1-844-340-9251.

Avast Facebook

You can contact avast on its social media platforms as well. On Facebook, you can find avast as Avast software or Instead, you can just click on this link to get your avast’s 

Facebook page:


Avast antivirus also has a Twitter @avast_antivirus with 171.6K followers. You can follow avast on there and can be up to date with their tweets.


Avast is on LinkedIn as well, you can find them by the name Avast or can simply link the link here:


You can easily find avast on Instagram as avast or just simply click on the link to get to their Instagram page: They have 17.1k followers on there, you can easily dm your problem on their Instagram as well.

Difference between avast care and avast support

If you didn’t know, avast care and avast support is two different types of things. People usually get confused while differentiating the two. So, here is a detailed differentiation between the two. First, let look into what is avast care and avast support, and then we’ll talk about the features both of them provide.

Avast support

Avast support is not any kind of paid subscription, any person that has an issue with avast products can contact avast customer support. You won’t get any remote access troubleshooting, the only thing that avast customer support can do for you is to provide suggestions and advice on how to fix the issue. 

You also won’t get an immediate response so you gotta be patient. Sometimes it will take time for you to get a response.

Avast care

You can only get access to avast care if you’ve included the subscription for it while purchasing an avast product, so it’s a paid version of avast support. Avast care can give you immediate help 24/7. 

The experts at avast care are also trained to fix problems with your computer by remotely connecting to it (only with your permission). They will also share some tips and tricks so that you can deal with everything smoothly.

What services does avast support provide?

Avast support gives you all kinds of information about different avast products. If you are having trouble setting up, canceling, or installing any avast product an avast support member can help you with that. 

You won’t get services like remotely connecting to your computer and fixing issues but you can get some expert advice on issues. It does take some time for the person to pick up your call but the advice will definitely help you solve any sorts of issues with avast products. 

you can activate or cancel avast subscription whenever you like with the help of the support team.

You can either write a web form by going to the official website of avast or can directly contact customer support through the toll-free number 1-844-340-9251.

What services does avast care provide?

 An avast care expert can effectively help you with any issues like the following:

Removing viruses and spyware 

If you have any sort of suspicion that your device has been affected in one or the another way, an avast care expert can help you remove the virus or spyware. 

Health check for your PC

If your PC has been displaying some sort of error messages and has been behaving in an odd and unusual manner, an avast care expert can give you complete help in solving the issue. He/She can diagnose as well as fix the issue and get your PC running healthily. 

Expert installing 

If you are facing any trouble regarding installing or re-installing any of the avast products the avast care expert can get everything into place for you.  you can also get help to uninstall avast out of the system before you reinstall.

Tune-up for the PC 

Sometimes, you might be working slower than ever and it can be really annoying to deal with. In such cases, the avast care expert can help speed up the performance of your PC. 

How to get avast care? 

You can get avast care by including the avast care subscription in the order while purchasing any avast product. There is no individual subscription for avast care, you can only get it by including it in the order when purchasing any avast product. 

How to get avast support? 

There no subscription fee for avast support, anyone who has a problem with avast products can give a ring to 1-844-340-9251. An avast customer support member will pick up your call and will give you advice on how to fix the issue.

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