How to fix Avast error 7005?

Avast Antivirus is one of the well-known and best security software. It protects your device by avoiding threats like malware, trojans, virus, and other online viruses. The main objective to design this software is to keep the user’s personal data safe and secure with themselves.

Every user needs to protect their PC with security software like Avast. You can enjoy several features that will help you in preventing threats.

The software is very amazing and useful, but sometimes it suddenly fails to work due to some error like error 7005. When this kind of error occurs then it might be dangerous for your device as Avast will not be able to work on it. these issues may also cause your avast antivirus problems.

What are the reasons to occur error 7005?

All software didn’t come up with glitches free, so you may find an error at any time. We have gone delve into the Avast error 7005, and find the reason for the issue from which it occurs.

error 7005
  • Corrupt System files
  • Corrupt Windows
  • Improper installation of the software
  • Other Antivirus

Methods to fix the Avast error 7005

We have found out effective solutions for the Avast error 7005 and totally get rid of this issue. This error may get your device into lagging and of course, no users want to get annoyed. You should solve this issue quickly before it gets late. So, below is the list of methods that will be useful for your device to get rid of this issue.

Restart your computer

This is a simple way to troubleshoot the problem by simply rebooting the computer. If you are facing this issue of error 7005 for the first time, then this method might work for your device. After it gets open, check whether the error got fixed or not. If not, then we will recommend you to follow the next method.

Uninstall third-party antivirus software

uninstall avast

If you are using any other security software like Avast, then you should uninstall that program and only use Avast antivirus. The error 7005 may occur when you use multiple antivirus applications at the same time.

Just uninstall that software and check whether the issue got resolved or not. If still, you are getting the same error, then we will recommend you follow the next method given below. you can also uninstall avast antivirus from the system and install it again.

Fix Windows system files

If you are facing the error 7005, then better for you once repair the windows system files. Many Avast users got this method very useful to resolve the issue.

  • Go to the start menu, and type and search for “cmd”.
  • It will show the Command Prompt option of the suggestion from the search list. Just right-click on it.
  • Later, on the right-click tap on the ‘Run as administrator’ option. Then it will head to the administrator window.
sfc scan
  • Then the message will prompt on the screen where you have to click on the Yes button to confirm.
  • You need to type “sfc /scannow” on the command prompt and press enter Enter key to execute.

Now, wait for the process to get complete and then restart your computer. Now check if it is showing the same issue with the computer. This method might be solved your problem, but still, we have another method as well for resolving the same issue.

Perform System Restore

If you haven’t got any solution from the below methods, then you might try this one to resolve the issue. System restore can take you to that time when the system was not facing any error. So, follow this method sincerely.

  • First of all, Power on your computer and log in as an admin.
system restore
  • Go to the search button and type and search for the System restore. Once it shows on the search results, click on it.
  • It will load for a few seconds and take you to the ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ window. Tap on the Next button.
  • Select the better restore point.
  • The follow the simple instructions to get complete the system restore.

Error 7005 on mac OS

  • Log in to your Mac as an admin.
  • Go to Start > Accessories > System tools. And now tap on the system restore and it will open up a window.
  • Now select it then tap on ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ and click on the Next button.
  • Follow the instruction to get finished.

So, these are very simple ways to resolve the issue without getting annoyed. Hope this list of solutions helped you to fix the Avast antivirus error 7005. you can always contact avast customer service for help.

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