How to lock a Facebook profile?

Facebook counts as one of the most widely used apps in the whole world. After being around for more than a decade, Facebook has not only become a brand but also nothing less than a phenomenon.

Why And How to Lock a Facebook profile

Facebook is now used by nearly everyone who has a phone, whether it is an adult, an elderly, or even a teenager. But due to having such a wide network and such a huge crowd that easily see your profile whenever they want, some security concerns regarding one’s privacy also arise. Due to this, many people felt unsecured using this app.

Facebook understood this problem and came up with a good enough solution for it. This solution is the option of locking your profile. This avoids any random stranger from just opening your profile and having a look over your whole timeline.

By locking your profile, you get the option to only let your friends explore your timeline. This proves to be a good solution for many people. Apps like Facebook tend to target teenagers and young adults as their primary crowd and hence, this feature was created keeping them in mind.

As there are many teenagers and young adults who wish to have a content social life and show all of their “naughty” sides to only those that they want to.

Ways to lock your profile

Locking one’s Facebook is quite an easy task. You can lock your Facebook profile from its app on your mobile device or from a web browser. But the one thing that you should be aware of is that there is not an option of locking your profile on Facebook’s desktop version.

One more thing to know is that this feature is made with the limitation of only working with an android app.

locking your profile via the android mobile app

  1. Open the app on your phone. Make sure it’s the latest version.
  2. Log in with your previously existing profile or signup with a new profile. If you have forgotten your profile’s name or password then look for the “forgot your password?” option. 
  3. After opening logging in successfully, tap on the profile icon. On the icon that has a man emoticon on it.
  4. In the upper right corner, you may find three dots aligned. Press on them to open the setting section.
  5. In this section, there will be an option that reads “Lock Profile”. Press on it to move forward.
  6. The following opened page will provide you with a summary as to how the lock profile option works, what changes you can make in it, how your website would look to others, and how you can set different filters on it.
  7. After going through all of its functionalities, there will be a button of Lock Your Profile at the bottom-most of the page, click on it.
  8. You will receive a pop-up with the message displaying that your profile has been locked. You can go to the option of “see your profile” to see how it will now look to others.

Though there are no straight ways with which you can lock your profile from a browser, there is a workaround that can do the work. So, steps to lock your Facebook profile via a browser:

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  1. Start by going to the official login page of Facebook.
  2. After logging in, make a change in the URL, such that it should state “”.
  3. This will lead you to the android app version of Facebook from the browser one. 
  4. You can now go to your profile and click on the three dots in the upper corner.
  5. There will Lock Profile option in the window that will open after clicking on those three buttons.
  6. The conditions will appear as they did in the mobile app, and you can then click on the Lock Your Profile option at the end of the page.
  7. After doing that, your profile will become locked.


After locking your profile, do you know what will happen to your profile? Well, it certainly won’t make your profile disappear, rather it will limit your profile’s display to just your profile picture. It doesn’t largen on clicking it either, this prevents the viewer from seeing your profile picture clearly. Your whole profile, including your posts, stories, comments, likes, etc. will only be visible to those who are on your friends’ list.

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