Users are having a lot of applications or software installed in their computer systems. Some applications are never used by the users since its installation. Those applications consume a considerable amount of primary memory. Users should uninstall those applications to boost system performance. Users also need to uninstall the outdated and never used applications in their system.

In the windows operating system, all the user programs and the system programs are stored on the c drive so it is very easy to uninstall any application from the Windows OS. In the Mac operating system, it stores all the user applications in the different folders. User can get their applications either in the folder of name ~/Applications or in the folder ~/library /preferences.

This article contains detailed step by step guidance on how to uninstall apps on Mac. Users who want to remove the specific application from their Mac operating system can refer to this article.

uninstall applications on Mac OS:

For uninstalling any particular application user should log in to the system as an administrator or primary user because the guest user doesn’t have the privileges to uninstall an application. There are 4 methods by using which user can uninstall application in the Mac operating system.

  • Method 1 by using Trash:

This is the standard and most used method to uninstall the user’s application programs in the mac operating system. Users can use the steps given below to uninstall applications on the Mac operating system.

  1. Open the finder from the Mac dock.
  2. Go to the applications directory which is located on the left sidebar.
  3. Look and select the program which you want to uninstall from the Mac.
  4. Drag the application in the trash folder on the dock to uninstall or remove it from the system. Users can also right-click on the application icon and select move to trash option from the context menu. Users can simply go to File-> Move to trash options from the menu bar.
  5. It might ask the user to enter its admin password to continue the application uninstall process.
  6. Hold the trash icon located on the Mac dock. After a few seconds, it will pop up the context menu.
  7. Select an empty trash option to complete the application uninstalling process. Users should check whether the trash folder contains any other important files or not.

In this way, users can uninstall applications from the Mac OS.

Method 2 by using launchpad:

The users who download and install the applications from the apple store can make use of a launchpad to remove or uninstall the application. Launchpad is the built-in Mac tool that can be used for application relocating and uninstalling. Here are the steps in which the user can refer to an uninstall application from the Mac operating system.

  1. Open the launchpad. User can see the launchpad on the Mac dock with the spaceship icon.
  2. After opening the launchpad, it will open the list of installed applications in the system. Select and hold the application icon which you want to uninstall from Mac.
  3. Once the application icon starts shaking, the user can click on the X icon located on the top left side to uninstall the application. If there is no delete or X button on the top left side of the application icon, then the user can make use of another method to uninstall the program. This typically happens when the user installs the application from the other resources and not from the apple store.
  4. Confirm the application uninstall by clicking on the delete button.

In this way, users can uninstall applications using launchpad.

using built-in application uninstaller:

Some applications are having native installer and uninstaller programs. Users can make use of this uninstaller program to remove the specific application from the system. Use the steps given below to do the same.

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the application folder
  2. Select and double click the application which you want to uninstall.
  3. In the folder, the user can see the application uninstaller program with the name like an uninstall app name. Users can make use of another method to uninstall the program, if the user unable to get uninstall a program in the folder.
  4. Double click on it to execute it.
  5. Enter the admin password to begin the application uninstall process.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall the application from the Mac operating system.

third party application uninstaller:

Several third-party applications like clear my Mac x, trash me, uninstaller, app delete, and app clear are available online which can be used to uninstall a particular program from the system. Users need to download and install any of the third-party applications given above and then users can use it uninstall user’s applications.

These applications uninstall the application program and also clear the different files like application cache, preferences, and traces of the applications.

After uninstalling any applications user also need to delete its library files, cache, and temporary files from the system. Users can go to the folders given below and delete the files to remove specific applications completely from your system.

  • Library /application support/ app name
  • Library /preferences/ app name
  • Library /caches/ app name

Here app name is the name of the application which the user wants to uninstall.

The above procedures are only used for removing the user’s applications. Users are unable to remove the system applications by using the above methods. Users can refer to the steps given below to uninstall system applications on the Mac.

  1. Navigate to the ~/Applications directory.
  2. Open the terminal.
  3. Enter the command ‘Sudo rm -rf /Applications/app’ on the command prompt and hit the enter button. Users should enter the application name instead of the app name in the command.
  4. It will ask the user to enter the admin password to start the uninstalling process. Users should enter the administrator password.
  5. On the successful execution of the above command, the selected application is uninstalled from the system.

Users can use any of the above methods to uninstall a particular application from the computer system. For better results, the user should restart their computer system after completing the application uninstalls process.