There are a lot of people who are keen to download movies from the internet that are better and of high quality. So here is uTorrent for those people who are interested in watching the latest movies by downloading them from the internet. U torrent is the application developed by Bit Torrent, Inc. which is written in C++ and available in 67 languages. The torrent is an app which is used for sharing file anyone can share any file regarding movie, game, and any other. If anybody wants this file can get by using this app and this app download that files from the registered source to the person who wants to download it. there are websites that may help you watch movies online

Disclaimer – piracy is illegal & we do not support any Kind of piracy. it’s a cyber offense downloading movies or copyrighted material without authorization.

All types of movies like drama movies, action, and thrilling movies are available on uTorrent. Movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, etc are available on uTorrent with different picture quality. It is very easy to download movies from uTorrent by using the internet.

You can also use the uTorrent app in the android phone by simply using the uTorrent application available on the google play store. uTorrent generate a link for download movie and using this link you can simply download a movie. There are different ways of downloading movies from uTorrent. These ways are as follows

By uTorrent app on mobile:

The simple way to download movies on mobile by using uTorrent is, first of all, you should download the uTorrent app from google play store. After installing this app configure this app and do some necessary settings on your mobile regarding this app. In last after doing all these things open this app, there is an option of searching or search box. In this search box, you can search for for the movie which you want to download. The search result shows you the link of the torrent file if that movie is available on torrent, download this file. After downloading the file when you open this file it will automatically take you to the option of downloading the movie. This shows you the options of print quality in which you want to download a movie when you select an option from these, the downloading will start automatically. As downloading completed you can watch your movie. Benefits of downloading movies from uTorrent app in mobile are as follow

  • High definition movie prints are available on this app.
  • Easy to download movies by using this app simply by a searching movie in the search box provided in this app.
  • Many quality prints are available quality according to your needs.

YIFY Movies website:

This is a website that only contains links regarding movies that can be used for downloading movies from torrent. For this, you need to install the uTorrent app on your mobile phone or computer. Now you can open the YIFY movies website on the internet browser. On this website there a lot of Bollywood, Hollywood and many other movies. You need to search movie in the search box of this website and many links open in this website, make sure you open only magnet carrying links not other. Also, keep away from clicking on ads shown on this website.

When you click a link a small file will download automatically. When you open this file, it automatically opens the uTorrent app asked for download a movie, after selecting a quality option movie started downloading. Benefits of using this website are as follow

  • · This website contains only links for movies, so the chances of getting all movies that are linked with torrent.
  • Quality of movie print is good and you can also download high definition picture clarity.
  • It is an easy way to download any movie from torrent.

Extra Torrents:

Extra torrents are the website for getting links to download movies from torrent. This website not only contains movie links but also contains links to games and many other things. This website also contains many ads and some fake links. You make sure that you only download links that contain a magnet and avoid to click on ads that make some wrong things. When you click on the link of the movie that you want to download, it downloads a small file. When you open this file it automatically connected to the torrent app and starts downloading the movie. Some benefits of this website are given below

  • · It is easy to get a link regarding any movie on this website and simple to download any movie by using this website.
  • This website opens easily in any browser.


It is not a website but a search engine that connects us with many other sites that contain torrent links. You can search the movie in the search box of Torrentz and it shows many links regarding the search. These links are available on other websites, from here you can get the website that contains the link on the movie. After opening this website you can download the link file, when you open this file it opens the torrent site and asked for download movie with different quality options. Benefits of Torrentz are as follow

  • It shows many sites which contain links and you can download movie from any site shown in this.
  • High chance of getting a link on Torrent

Some of the torrent sites are 123movies, Tamilrockers, Movierulz, Fmovies, Putlockers, etc.

Kickass Torrents:

This is a website that contains huge sites for torrents. It is the most preferred site for downloading anything from torrent. When you search any movie link on this website, it shows many links available on this site. When we click on the link, it connects you to the torrent app and asked for download the movie with quality options. You can choose any quality option according to your choice and downloading starts by clicking any option. Benefits of using kickass torrent are as follow

  • · It is widely used and contains mainly all links regarding the movies.
  • It is easy to download a movie from torrent by using this kickass torrents.

The Pirate Bay:

Pirate bay is the website to download movies on torrents. This website is blocked in many countries but you can proxy of this website or you may

unblock this website in many ways. This website contains many pirated movies and provides movies earlier than other websites. You can get a link to download movies from this website when you click this link you connected to the torrent and downloading starts. On this website, you get mainly every movie that can be downloaded through torrent and it is very easy to download any movie from this website. Moreover, the print quality of the movie on this website is very good.

There are many ways to download movies from many other sources but you can download movies from u torrent with good picture quality and it is easy to download from torrent. So, if you want to download any movie then prefer to download it from u torrent. You can download the movie simply by using any website that is mentioned above which provides a link to download the movie.